Activities calendar 2022

The activity calendar for this year is always subject to change. The condition is that our activities are allowed on the planned dates, that the catering industry is open and that everything indicates that we can meet each other in a safe way.

23-24-25 April: Weekend à-la-carte in the Voeren region (Belgium – province Limburg near province Liège)

20-22 May: Spa-Classic (we will provide tickets)

27 May: Continental Meeting organised by the Dutch TVR Car Club at the Zolder circuit The Dutch club wants to organise the Continental Meeting again, but wants to limit the financial risks. Therefore, they need to have at least 75 confirmed entries as soon as possible and certainly before 1 March 2022, who have paid an advance of 100€ of the total cost of the track day of 300€. If the track day cannot take place due to a lack of registrations or due to covid restrictions, the advance payment will be fully reimbursed. More info on the relevant page of the Dutch TVR Car Club. For more information please send an email to Our club hopes that this event can take place again.

26 June: Summer Rally (please with the help of one or more members)

10-17 September: Alps-Dolomites Tour (possibly with a night train from Düsseldorf – certainly that week, if we go for the combination with the train the dates can still be adjusted)

?? October: Autumn Rally (if there is sufficient interest and possibly with the help of one or more members)

20 November: General Assembly


* The activities indicated in purple are our own organization, for the other activities we provide information and may help to register.

* We would like to invite members of other TVR Car Clubs living outside Belgium to our activities. For more information fill out the contact form.