Activities calendar 2019

13 January: New Year’s reception 

26-27-28 April: Weekend à la carte

17-19 May: Spa Classic: We work with Fast Track Tours for this event.

23 June: Summer Rally

7-14 September: Pyrenees Tour

24 November: General Assembly

More information about these events will follow during the coming weeks.


* The activities indicated in purple are our own organization, for the other activities we provide information and may help to register.

* We would like to invite members of other TVR Car Clubs living outside Belgium and Luxemburg to our activities. For more information send us an email or fill out the contact form.

TVRCC (closed) Facebook Group

Facebook group TVR Car Club Belgium for all with a passion for TVR.

The group has been founded to organize informal meetings for the members of the group, like ‘Monthly Meets’ We cooperate with the Belgian Club and are trying to lessen some of the ‘organizing-burden. Please also see our ‘activity overview’

The group is open to everyone with a Facebook account >

and requesting for membership. One of the members will then endorse your membership.